Tips For Skin Care In Summer

The scorching heat of summer and pollution damages the skin on a large degree. It reduces the natural glow and causes sun burn that’s hard to treat. Many people think that avoiding the skin problems is more suitable approach than treatment. However, they do not that lack of care bring a lot of other issues such as scars of pimples and a more dull skin.  Therefore, it is important to take care of the skin on a regular basis by following some basic tips on skin care.

Following are the different tips that you can follow for making your skin fresh and glowing in the hot climate:

Exfoliating the Entire Body

The basic rule of maintaining a good skin is exfoliating as the cells shed with the next minute of every hour. The reason your skin looks dull and completely dry is lack of exfoliation. It is important to notice that skin care lotions cannot give you a glowing skin; it is the process of exfoliation that brings a beautiful skin. The process of exfoliation includes rubbing a good body scrub and gently rubbing the body in circular movement. Repeating the process twice or thrice in a week can help you enjoy the beautiful skin that would protect itself from the sun.

Wear Sunscreen While Going Out

The next important advice by the entire skin care specialist is wearing sun screen lotion at the time you step out of a home. The UV rays of the sun can burn the skin so using the sunscreen would completely protect your skin from the light of the sun. Using sunscreen of SPF 30 or 70 that comes in UVA and UVB skin products would give you a good effect. You would require a lot of sunscreens if you are more an outing person. A full tablespoon would only meet the need of your face that means you have to reapply sunscreen after every 2 hours.

Use Less Makeup

All the women who like makeup themselves daily follow the same routine in every season. However, wearing makeup in summer season would not very good as sweating can ruin all the face. However, if you are in a professional setting where physical appearance matters a lot, then you can use a foundation containing SPF. Using a gloss in summer season would protect the lip skin, so it is better to use the product of a good company. Avoiding mascara and eye liner in summer would keep you trouble free to correct it after every hour.

Drink Water for a Glowing Skin

Water is a natural source of essential mineral protecting you from dehydration. You can have a small water bottle in your bag that you can use anywhere for removing your thirst. Try to reach the standard value of drinking eight glasses of water daily for a more glowing skin. You can even mix lemon water as detox body solution. Skin care starts with a positive attitude about self-image so continue working on filling your mind with positive thoughts.