Miracle Cream Revealed On Shark Tank

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Rejuvenate The Skin"Those who don’t know, Shark Tank is a very famous reality American TV show that is very famous and popular for its unbelievable offers and hard-hitting advice. The show is popular all around the world and millions of people watch it as it is aired on television. The show is pretty simple and comprises of two groups of people. One group comprises of successful businessmen and investors who have tons of money that they would like to invest in various products or services which can help them to earn more money. These investors are also called as the Sharks. The second group comprises of aspiring entrepreneurs who have dreams in their eyes of establishing their own company in the market and help the company to achieve success in the market. But unfortunately, these entrepreneurs don’t have sufficient funds to establish their market.

The game begins when the entrepreneurs present their products or services in front of the investors and try their best to impress them. These investors provide the entrepreneurs with the financial help and support that they want. Some of the entrepreneurs manage to seal the deal with investors, whereas some of them only get the hard-hitting advice and heart breaking comments.

How the things changed?

Sharks are known for their brutal heart breaking advice, but they are also known for making unbelievable offers to the aspiring entrepreneurs. The things got changed when the two South Korean sisters, Angela and Yoojin Kim came to the show and took the show to just another level. Both the sisters have presented miracle cream on shark tank. Both the sisters entered the show along with their cream and started with their presentation. They explained a lot about the usage of the cream, benefits of the cream and many other important information related to their cream.

All the sharks seemed to have deeply interested with their miracle cream. Very soon all the five sharks started to make their offers. Both the sisters instantly knew that it is the best time to put the foot on the pedal and hit the gas. The sisters have decided to go for the maximum amount. They negotiated a lot with all the sharks and then finally agreed to the offer of $2.5 million for the 25% of the company. One of the sharks has made this offer to them. This was the biggest offer that was ever made in the history of Shark Tank to any entrepreneur.

About Miracle cream

Both the sisters have already taken over the South Korean cosmetic industry and are now planning to take over the global industry. Their miracle cream is a simple anti aging wrinkle cream which helps the women to shed few years off from their face and provide them with younger and attractive face. The cream is applied on the face and it starts working immediately. The cream gets soaked by the skin. It directly works on your skin cells as well as increases the collagen level in your skin. Collagen is completely responsible for the condition of your skin.